Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Angina The Most Common Symptom of Heart Disease

Angina is one of the most difficult symptoms of heart disease to describe. All heart patients feel it differently and describe it differently.

It is described as a burning, constricting, strangling, pressurized, full, heavy, aching crushing sensation pain explosion permeating in the chest, upper body, upper arm, jaw and upper back.

Personally, I have difficulty describing it. To me it seems to feel like a combination of all of the above, and not always do they come concurrently. At times it feels like my chest is exploding, at other times it feels like a clamp attached to the middle of my chest and the center of my back is being tightened and screwed inwards.

If you are in pain don't delay, it is better to be safe and healthy then sorry . Being brave and disregarding the pains a can be extremely detrimental. If the symptoms are real and the underlying cause is coronary heart disease delaying can cause a heart attack.

If a heart attack does occur nearly 50% of those attacked never make it, and those that do, their hearts are damaged for ever. Why take the chance? Call a doctor or an ambulance immediately it is better being safe then dead.

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